The Provincial Budget: The latest on the hospital, LRT and housing

The basic overall plan for the provincial budget tabled last week was, cool your jets, we don’t have any money. An $18 billion deficit will do that to grandiose ideas.  

Why I’m running for city council

Many of you have heard my name for years. “Scott Johnston, 630CHED News.” My beat working in Edmonton radio was civic politics. Some even described me as the “voice of city hall.” 

Maybe you heard me on Oilers broadcasts talking to the players about wins and losses after games. 

Now I want to win with you.

Audits show city’s snow and ice policy needs improvement

A round of audit reports are coming out that join previous findings by City Auditor David Wiun’s branch showing ways that both service and value for money can be found within Edmonton’s road maintenance department.

Image courtesy City of Edmonton website

Now is the time to rid Edmonton businesses of tax eating red tape

So far they’ve talked a good game at City Hall, however the need to “walk the walk” is upon us to get rid of the red tape that is plaguing Edmonton’s businesses. Especially those job creating start-ups that are yet to get going.


Very quietly homes are selling at Blatchford

What is happening at the Blatchford development might surprise you. Especially with the pandemic wreaking havoc on Edmonton’s economy. Half-million dollar homes are selling.

Scott Johnston for Edmonton City Council